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Happy people don’t count the hours. We would certainly agree with that, although nowadays it could appear that controlling time is unavoidable or simply necessary. Our guests, however, are relieved of the need to watch the clock by the bugle player stationed in the garret of St Mary’s Church tower. His bugle call, which is clearly audible from the hostel, marks the passing of every hour. It has been doing this for over a hundred years and also gives us our name. Strangely, the Polish word for ‘bugle call’ (hejnał) sounds almost identical to the English words “Hey Now!”

According to one of the most important of Krakow’s legends, the St Mary’s hejnał announced the opening and closing of the city gates from the Middle Ages onwards. But the doors of our hostel are of course open to guests around the clock.

Heynow Hostel, which is situated on The Royal Way historical trail, is a place in which time takes on a special significance in the ‘here and now’, making it possible for guests to revel in the special morning atmosphere of Krakow’s Market Square, a time when the flower sellers are preparing their stalls, coffee sellers are frothing up milk and the Cloth Hall is opening its gates while street buskers tune their instruments. All these daily activities are interwoven with Krakow’s centuries-old history, which can be directly experienced by our guests from the very moment of their arrival.

The centre of Krakow at night is a concoction of almost every kind of entertainment and cultural possibility – not just concerts, theatrical shows and cinemas (although these are all of course of the highest calibre). Another alternative might be to take a walk among the street performers in the Market Square and try to make sense of their countless pantomime acts and bizarre incantations. Or for that matter, take a walk among the drummers, fire-eaters and breakdancers. From the constant hum of the beer gardens, you might just pick out an invitation to join somebody. It’s worth taking advantage of this! But not if you’re planning a little bit of Saturday (or Friday, Thursday, Wednesday) night fever!

Located in the heart of the city, Heynow Hostel guarantees its guests comfort, a great time, a healthy dose of new experiences and the opportunity to relax in a place where time stands still. And all this with Krakow’s marvellous cultural heritage within arm’s reach. At our hostel you can forget about your daily concerns, if only for a few moments, and let the spirit of magical Krakow pull you in. A unique feature of the city is its accessibility. You can get almost anywhere on foot, by bike or horse and carriage. And with the assistance of a guide you can better appreciate and understand this marvellous place.

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